Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I love this photo

Though you might have to crook your neck to see it. It's not like that on my computer so I don't know why it's gone sideways.

My brother took it. Can you guess where he was when he did so?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

30 pipol oli graduet long sot kos long Talua

Here's an article I wrote and sent to the Vanuatu Daily Post a few weeks ago. I didn't hear back from them so thought they weren't interested. However, on a recent visit to a friend's house I found the article in the November 5 edition of the Daily Post, in the Santo News section, only it had been translated into English. Mostly a good translation only some of the nuances were different. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be on their online archives so I can't link to the English version. So, see how you go with this one....

30 man oli stap gobak long ol aelan blong olgeta afta long fo wikis “in-sevis” trening long Talua Ministry Training Centre.

Long Fraedei 28 Oktoba, 30 pipol oli bin graduet long wan sot kos long Talua Ministry Training Centre long Saot Santo. Olgeta ya oli kamaot long ol difren jyos mo oli kamaot long ol difren aelan long Vanuatu mo oli kam wanples blong karem ‘in-sevis-trening’ long wan sot kos.

Sot kos ya i stat long 3 Oktoba mo i gat fo wikis evriwan. Oli tekem trening long komuniti bes edukesen, prijing, misen, jyos disaplen, pasifik histori mo lidasip & develpmen. Ol lekura we oli tijim olgeta, oli tijim olgeta long ol spesel eria blong olgeta.

‘In-sevis-trening’ hemi blong givhan long olgeta we oli karem wok finis insaed long jyos. Long olgeta ya we oli bin graduet, i gat ol pasta, ol pris, ol dikon, ol sandei skul tija, ol yut, wan we i wok long PWMU mo narafala we oli no karem wok yet. Principal Ps. Fiama Rakau hem i talem se in-sevis-trening hemi impoten tumas. Hemi talem se, “Jenis i kam oltaem mo trening we samfala oli karem bifo i aot-of-deit. Yumi ol man mo woman we yumi folem Jisas Kraes, oltaem yumi stap lan mo yumi mas kam ap-to-deit.” Mo, “Hem i veri veri importen blong lei pipol blong i siftem olgeta long save long wok we oli mekem”.

Ps. George Manses we hemi wok longtaem finis i talem se, “Sot kos ya i olsem wan niufala journey. Mi mi wokbaot i go, gogo mi nomoa save go, be kos ya i helpem mi blong mi lukluk moa i go. Hem i helpem mi bigwan, i bildemap mi, i leftemap tingting blong mi long kristin laef mo long prea.” Mr. Brian Vanuaroro, wan yangfala man, hem i talem se, “Kos ya i stret long ol yangfala tu. Hem i givhan plante long mi blong luksave plante samting blong givhan long komuniti, long jyos, long gavman mo long kantri.”

Talua Ministry Training centre hem i wan institusen blong Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) be long sot kos ya i gat 17 man we oli kam long Church of Melanesia (COM) oli kam. Principal Rakau i talem se, “Mi mi glad tumas long kos ya from we i gat fulap COM oli kam mo i balans wetem olgeta blong PCV”. Mo hem i talem se doa i open long pipol blong eni jyos we i joen long VCC oli kam.

I gat tri sot kos long evri yia, long Januari, Septemba mo Oktoba. Samfala sot kos we i go finis oli bin fokas long yut o sandae skul o eldasip. Mo samtaem ol lektura oli goaot long narafala ples blong mekem ol sot kos ya, olsem long Efate (Januari 2011), Tanna (Mei 2011) mo Malekula (Mei 2010).

Back Row (from left): Lesley Rongo, Ps. George Manse, Joseph Vagaha, Sam Yonah, Morris Tari, Stephen Sigi, Fr. Seth Karae, Brian Vanuaroro, Jimmy Olo Middle (from left): Ps. Valu Toukone, Wilkins Tari, Godringdon Tari, Fox Mele, Fr Pedro Tamsel, Moli Luke, Fr. Christopher Tavoa, Dikon Stanley Aru, Dikon Daniel Tini, Fr. Eddison Mala, Jairo Iatipu. Seated (from left): Johnny Roy, Ps. Willie Yanick, Rodney Lulu, Daniel Soul, Fr. Robertson Aru, Fr. Arthur Segere, Votangi Aru, Alexine Moses. Front: Fr. Namson Pattison Absent: Ernest Naual

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


And then on Sunday, there was carols night. It was a lovely, Christ-honouring night. Dramas were well performed and the birth of Jesus was linked both with promise in the OT and fulfilment in his work of salvation on the cross.

Carols are a little different here. It is more performance than participation. And candles are saved for the end and then swapped as you greet one another. I hold my breath every time waiting for someone's hair to catch on fire!

On Monday and Tuesday exams were held, though most were on Monday. Since exams students have been working on preparing for graduation. Graduation students are away today for their "retreat". Tomorrow, more preparation, and graduation on Friday.

closing (4)

Then on Saturday it was our presbytery group closing. This year we decided something informal would be in order. So we went down to the river, made a fire and roasted freshly caught fish and chicken wings (not so freshly caught but marinated in soy sauce, honey and ginger). We also ate cinnamon bread (which Sophie made), rice, sausages, paw-paw, cucumber and simboro.

I have chosen this photo because it say something about the unity we share in Christ. Our "presbytery" group is connected to the "Ambrym" presbytery. Ambrym is one of the islands of Vanuatu. Two of the students in the background are from Ambrym. Another is from Tanna and another from Epi (but who worked on Ambrym as a Pastor for years before returning to Talua to do his degree). That won't mean much to many of you but to ni-Vanuatu it means a lot.

Tanna, Ambrym and Epi are the places were "kastom" or traditional beliefs and practises, especially black magic, are strongest. Furthermore, there is strong rivalry and tension between these places, especially Tanna and Ambrym. A few years ago there was a riot involving the Tannese and Ambrym communities in Port Vila in which people were killed.

But here, the dividing wall of hostility has broken down, and these men have a deep and lasting fellowship.
"But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility..." Ephesians 2:13-14

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

closing (3)

Then on Friday night, it was the community closing feast. This is a big chance to say farewell to graduating students and for them to thank the staff. Here's the graduating student string band:

closing (2)

Last Thursday was the closing feast for our mentoring groups. Sophie, Bethany and I did a little puppet show to farewell the student among them who was graduating. The girls did a great job!

My mentoring group this year.

Monday, 7 November 2011

closing (1)

Here are some photos of the closing celebration of the PWMU (sort of a women's fellowship) last Wednesday.



Presenting presents to those who are leaving us this year.

A lap-lap is carried in. This is a "sue-sue" style lap-lap. Very special.

Lots of food. Here coconut milk is being poured over the "sue-sue" lap-lap.


There was also what we call "secret friend" which includes lots of gifts and dancing. Loads of fun and laughter. But not my thing ... I was shaking!

closing season

It's 'closing' season at the moment at Talua. Think "christmas party". There's a closing for every group you belong to. Class, presbytery, mentoring, women's fellowship, community.... So I'll post some photos over the next few days of some of these events. There's lots of food and it's lots of fun. I just don't know when anyone does any study! Exams still to come.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Glen picked up a few extra students in his mentoring group towards the end of the year. It got a little squashy in his office!

family snaps

Saturday, 5 November 2011

more puppets

Here's one of the projects we've been working on this term.

We downloaded the "glorified sock puppet" pattern from here which we followed closely for the frog, but modified it for the other. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll tell you how we did the mouth and the eyes, which we copied from these ones.